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Clare Broyles

Well behaved women seldom make history.

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Molly Murphy Sullivan doesn't want to leave her home in the city, but typhoid is back and she is expecting. 

She heads up to the Catskill where she finds an early bungalow community, a bohemian camp of professional women, a surly bluestone miner and a murderer!


"Retired" detective and police captain's wife Molly Murphy Sullivan tangles with Tammany Hall in the next in Rhys Bowen and Clare Broyles's New York Times bestselling historical mystery series.

New York Times bestselling author Rhys Bowen, now writing in partnership with her daughter, Clare Broyles, transports and enthralls readers through the incomparable Molly Murphy Sullivan. Wild Irish Rose is the next novel in this beloved mystery series, a cause for celebration for readers and critics alike.


Who is Molly Murphy?

In the year 1900 Molly Murphy arrived in New York penniless and on the run from the law. Over the years she has built a good life for herself and solved quite a few mysteries. Follow her journey in the latest novel: Wild Irish Rose.

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